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Why alarm monitoring?

Monitoring your alarm system is vital to protecting your home, office, or commercial building. If your alarm system is not being monitored and is triggered, the siren will sound and there will be no one to decide what action to take. In a residential environment, this will irritate your neighbours. Add to that, it's very difficult to protect your building, home or office 24 hours a day by yourself, even if you're using smart devices. Alarm monitoring, also referred to as back-to-base monitoring, sends an alarm signal to the Monitoring Centre to be actioned according to your instructions. If you also have a video surveillance system then your response instructions can allow the security team to view video surveillance

Being able to visually confirm an intruder on the premises means this event can be reported to Police immediately. Insurance companies also recognize the added value of having alarm monitoring and will often give you a discount on your premiums when you incorporate it into your security system.

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How It Works

So how exactly does alarm monitoring work?

Alarm monitoring is a service provided by a professional security company. There are various ways that the service can work. One method is for the base system to send a signal back to the security team to notify them of a trigger event. The security team will then know which sensor has been triggered — whether it was a front door, window, or motion sensor. The professional security team can determine the type of threat and respond according to the instructions provided. Another more advanced method is to use video surveillance. This allows the security team to see what is happening on the monitored site and determine if there is an intruder or not, which can help reduce unnecessary patrol response costs.

What is self-monitoring?

A self-monitored alarm system sends a message to a mobile phone to alert the user that the alarm has been triggered. With modern smart technology, video surveillance via the internet is also possible. This does however rely on the internet working correctly from the site and having good mobile phone coverage. It also relies on the person being able to respond to the threat in a timely manner. Whilst self-monitoring might make you feel comfortable, from a professional point of view, it is preferable to combine self-monitoring and professional alarm monitoring.

What happens if my alarm isn't monitored?

An unmonitored alarm is also referred to as a local alarm. If you're home, the intruder alarm siren will sound to let you know there is a problem. The noise of the siren may even be enough to frighten off some less determined intruders. More experienced thieves will simply ignore it and continue the burglary without a care. If you are away, there is little value in an unmonitored alarm if there is no plan to respond to an event that causes the alarm to be triggered.

What steps are taken when an incident happens?

If an incident happens, the alarm system notifies the professional alarm monitoring service. The control panel lets the monitoring service know exactly which sensor has been triggered. If video surveillance is available, the service can observe if an intruder is currently inside the premises. The alarm monitoring service provider can then follow the agreed plan as discussed to determine the necessary actions. Knowing an intruder is inside the building will make a difference to the police if reporting the incident is a part of the plan. For more info see our FAQ's

Can my existing alarm system work with back-to-base monitoring?

Most alarm systems are built with the option to provide a monitoring service. In most cases, we can monitor your existing alarm system. We can also provide an assessment of the system and make recommendations of possible improvements.

Should I monitor my alarm system over the internet?

As many customers would have experienced, dropouts and unstable internet connections are quite common. An effective alarm monitoring service requires not only a reliable communication system, but a backup system in case of failure. For more info see our FAQ's

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