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What is business security, and do you need it?

Although the term “business security” can have many definitions, here we are going to focus on the physical security of a building and its contents. Business security in this context, refers to the preventative measures a company puts in place to stop unwanted access to its premises and contents onsite. Apart from physical deterrents such as industrial-strength locks, security doors and window screens, a quality alarm system with back-to-base monitoring and video surveillance is highly recommended to protect your business. If you’re looking to improve the protection of your warehouse, factory, or office building, contact us to discuss how our business security packages can improve your security.

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Back to base monitoring. What do you monitor?

Our 24/7 back to base monitoring service can report and act on:

  • Security alarms
  • Video surveillance
  • Access control
  • Life and safety (Medical alarms and personal trackers)
  • Industrial plant signals

Why invest in business security?

One of the significant impacts on business performance is downtime. After a security breach, there are obvious issues to be dealt with such as reporting the incident, verifying what has been stolen or damaged, making insurance claims, checking that physical barriers are still effective. Dealing with this and restoring systems removes staff from performing their normal roles which affects the profitability of the business. Avoiding a security breach and monitoring issues in real time is a much better solution for the ongoing profitability of the business.

How do you respond to an alarm?

It is important to establish a clear set of guidelines that deal with the various levels of threat to your business. As recommended by the Police, a business security assessment is an effective way to review the different layers of security required and then form an appropriate response to the situation. Our team of professionals can take you through this process and form a suitable action plan. We respond to various incidents according to the agreed plan, which may include contacting management, our security patrols, or the Police.

What is the best business security system?

Although the is a commonly searched question, the answer doesn’t rely on any one brand. The best business security system is the one that is being used and has been tested. From our experience, having a professionally installed system that is monitored by trained professionals is the key to a good security system. Of course, we have a brand that we prefer to use when installing a new system, however we are happy to work with any existing system and provide a back to base monitoring service.

What should I look for in a business security system?

Possibly the most important aspect in choosing a business security system is finding a company with experience. A company that has all the services that you require is also a must. Consider an Australian based business that is governed by Australian laws. We believe in supporting local business and Back2Base is family-owned, operating out of Queensland. A business registered with a professional association that governs standards is recommended. We are also a gold member of the Australian Security Industry Association.

What if my phone and internet service fail?

Phone lines and internet services can be disrupted. A good security system does not rely on unstable connections. We recommend customers install a Secure Wireless Alarm Transmitter with a fallback system to avoid having a single point of failure.

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“I received a call from your centre and the operators were first class. I don't understand how they can be so cheerful at such an early hour in the morning – an example of their professionalism and compassion.
I checked the log and realised they’d called me within a minute of the alarm activation. I don’t believe we’ve ever received such a prompt response in the past 20 years.”

Neville Mills | FDST Solutions | Brisbane

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