Industrial and Plant

Avoid a disaster

Every business depends upon essential plant and equipment continuing to operate effectively however sometimes the warning signs of imminent failure go unnoticed. The result of missing these signs can be anything from a mere inconvenience, production downtime or worst of all, a catastrophic failure that endangers lives or causes financial loss. Back2Base Monitoring can respond to early warning signals sent to us from your industrial plant and equipment.

Typical Signals that we can monitor

By intelligently contacting your maintenance staff or contractors, timely appropriate action can be taken to avert a disaster.

Typical Signals that we can monitor from your plant and equipment include:

  • Refrigeration over temperature
  • Pump Failure
  • High water level
  • Communications link failures
  • Computer failures
  • Gas/Vapour detection

Your specific requirements

Back2Base can monitor just about any supervisory output from your equipment so call us to discuss your specific requirements.

Additional Industrial and Plant Monitoring features:

  • Secure Communication: Independent, redundant, polled wireless communication path
  • Reduced Cost: No phone call costs
  • Control: Remote control of Plant eg reset by our Priority Alarm Response Centre or via your Smartphone
  • Surveillance: Video Surveillance of plant & equipment

Free connection | No lock-in contract

So, whether you're unhappy with your current security company or thinking about home and business security for the first time, we invite you to experience the Back2Base difference.