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Why get a home security system?

A home security system is about much more than alarms and sirens. The security principals we follow are deter, deny, detect, and delay. Having a security system installed is a deterrent to thieves looking for an easy target. Any home security system should aim to protect the property and those inside it from thieves, home intrusion and unexpected events such as fires or medical emergencies.

Modern smoke detectors are interconnected with each other and the home security system. Many professional home security systems also allow for remote monitoring by a back-to-base security company. Often insurance companies offer discounts on insurance policies when a home security system is installed. There are also various government-funded programs offering subsidies to purchase home security systems to support victims of family violence.

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What is a home security system?

A home security system is made up of a variety of mostly electronic components that are interconnected. These components work together to feed information to an intruder alarm control box when they are triggered. If this happens, the control box can be programmed to sound an internal warning and external alarm (or a silent alarm if the system is remotely monitored). The system can also notify the homeowner via a mobile phone or notify a security company.

The typical components found in a home security system are:

  • Security cameras
  • Motion sensors
  • Entry sensors (Magnetic reed switches)
  • Glass breakage sensor
  • Siren
  • Keypad
  • Key fob
  • Panic button
  • Base station
  • Smoke detectors
  • Security system window

What is the difference between back-to-base monitoring and self-monitoring?

Back-to-base monitoring is a professional service offered by a security company. Self-monitoring uses your existing alarm system to send notifications to your mobile phone for you to respond to directly.

What is a DIY security system?

A do-it-yourself type of security system is put together by the homeowner, using products they have purchased themselves. All the components mentioned above would need to be installed by the homeowner. Having a DIY home security system is better than no system at all, if it works correctly. Of course, whether you DIY or pay a professional to install a system, you still have to consider monthly fees and how to handle arming and disarming the system or false alarms.

What are the advantages of having a home security system?

There are many advantages to having a security system, beyond the obvious one of keeping you and your loved ones safe.

Some further benefits are:

  • Protecting your household and valuables
  • Deterring crime
  • Allowing remote access to your home
  • Lowering your home insurance premiums
  • Being notified of smoke or fires
  • Having peace of mind

I don’t have a home phone line; can I still get back-to-base monitoring?

Yes. A phone line is not necessary. Phone lines or NBN do not provide a stable form of connection, which is required for back to base monitoring. We use a secure independent system with a fallback system that does not rely on phone lines. This ensures the system is not affected by a single point of failure. For more info see our FAQ’s

Wired or Wireless?

A wired security system is cabled from each sensor back to the intruder alarm control box and has a battery backup if the power is disconnected. A wireless security system relies on batteries (which need to be recharged or replaced regularly), to communicate with the intruder alarm control box. Wireless systems usually take less time to install but are more expensive for the sensors. They can however save you time and money on cabling when cabling is difficult or uneconomical. Wireless systems are more costly to operate due to the ongoing battery replacement required. Their batteries can sometimes go flat at an inconvenient time, e.g., when you are on holiday. Therefore, a wired system is preferable whenever possible.

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